General terms and conditions of renting

The following conditions of renting constitutes an integral part of the present contract.

  1. The renter assumes the full responsibility of the object he has rented.
  2. The renter declares that he has retired the rented material in perfect working condition
  3. In case of inadequate treatment of the rented object and/or damaging of the object, the restoring will be charged at the renter following the price list for repairs.
  4. The replacement of the rented object during the time of the agreement with material of equal value is always possible.
  5. The renter is expressly released from any responsibility  concerning accidents with material damaged and/or people caused by the renter and/or a third party.
  6. In compliance with D.L. 196 of June 30th 2003 and D.L. 101 of August 20th 2018 of protection of personal data, the leaseholder authorize the renter to use the personal data for statistical and/or promotional use.
  7. The returning of the rented material must take place within the opening hours of the shop.
  8. In case the return of the material could not take place within the opening hours of the shop, the leaseholder must be warned by phone at the number 011.8998951.
  9. The material is insured in case of theft or loss, the material will be charges to the renter following the market value.
  10. In case of theft, the renter must report to the competent local authorities (Police, Carabinieri, ecc)
  11. In case of any dispute arising from contract disputes between Renter and Leaseholder, the place of jurisdiction is Turin.