30 km


730 m


1/2 Day





This hill, on the Turin side, offers climbs for all tastes.

Every year on the Sassi-Superga climb passes the World Tour professional cycling race; Milan – Turin with arrival right at the Basilica of Superga.

The departure is from Turin. The route starts along the bank of the Po River, before starting to climb the hillside. On your left, you will see the monument to Fausto Coppi, heroic cyclist renamed “Il Campionissimo”. Once in Sassi, the Superga municipal road (Strada Comunale Superga) becomes more verdant and you will start to breathe the typical atmosphere of the Turin hills.

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The Sassi-Superga ascent is very demanding and also reaches peaks of 17-18% of slope bringing you to the Basilica, a monument of rare beauty that stands out over Turin and where you can enjoy a fantastic view. Inside the Basilica of Superga you will find a cafeteria embellished with an eighteenth-century atmosphere where you can take a break and enjoy Piedmontese delicacies. A must see are the royal tombs of the Savoy and the apartments inserted in the late Baroque / neoclassical context, typical of the imprint of the architect Juvarra. Behind the Basilica you can find the monument in memory of the tragedy of the Grande Torino Calcio, where, due to a plane crash, eighteen players died of the unbeatable Italian formation that, at the time of the Second World War, even won 5 championships in a row . Every May 4th for those with a garnet color in their hearts is a day of remembrance.

It starts again in the direction of the ‘’Strada dei Colli’’. This road is also called Panoramica and meanders through the regional park of the Superga hill. Passing through the Eremo, the road becomes wider and there is a stone fountain that resembles the shape of an obelisk. Arrived at the tip of the “Bric” (“Colle” in Piedmontese) della Maddalena, you will be at the highest point of the route with its 700 meters of height. Passing the entrance, a small road will lead you to the imposing bronze statue “Faro della Vittoria Alata“, commissioned in 1928 by Senator Giovanni Agnelli and given to the city to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the victory in the First World War. In addition to the beautiful park, here you will enjoy the best view of the entire city of Turin and the surrounding Alpine arch. When there is a bit of fog you can see the tip of the bulk that emerges between the curtain of steam … it is impossible to put it into words!

The climbs are over. A steep descent awaits you, which runs along the lush Pian del Lot park on the municipal road that leads from San Vito to Revigliasco. The road descends to the Monument dedicated to the Crimean expedition from which the square of the same name takes its name. Shortly afterwards you will see, before turning right onto Corso Moncalieri, the Umberto I bridge and one of the many entrances to the Parco del Valentino, full of cycle paths in over 40 hectares of greenery, where culture and nature play a fundamental role for the city ​​of Turin. After the second bridge (Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I) here is one of the most beautiful churches in Turin: la Gran Madre di Dio. In the legends of Esoteric Turin, it is said that there is where the Holy Grail, indicated by the missing finger of the statue of the Faith. Furthermore, various mysteries enrich the imaginary as, for example, the fact that the Apostles are not painted on the facade as usual but rather the decurions who built the structure. Strangely, the “Temple” is not owned by the church but by the Municipality of Turin. In front of the church stand the two statues of Religion and Faith that “control” the Turin Center. The location offers a unique glimpse of the center of Turin. From here, Corso Moncalieri will quickly take you back to the starting point, Turin.



Competitive biking lovers who want to retrace the roads of the great champions of the two wheels and not only: 30km that cross the topical moments of Turin’s history.
The real highlight of the city.


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