TurinBike and MiPrendoEMiPortoVia to the (re) discovery of Turin

I have always liked going around Turin, (re) discovering the city in all its corners, its hilly paths and along the Po river, stopping at places with an antique flavor to sip something before the next ride.

However, I wondered if all this would have been enough to make the Savoy charm appreciate to those who have made a profession of travel art, as is the case of Elisa and Luca, creators of MiPrendoEMiPortoVia, a beautiful travel blog that they share with their tide of followers articles and chronicles documenting the beauties encountered in their travels for the 5 continents.

On Friday morning, we meet with our official TurinBike guide in front of the hotel and we immediately  agreed on the ideal itinerary to discover the many hidden beauties of Turin. Encouraged by the climate and determined to explore not only the city, but also its parks and hills, we put on our e-bikes, kindly provided by our friands at Alpek, suitable for a relaxing and comfortable ride both in the city and along the climbs and tree-lined avenues, and we get back on the road.

Our first stop is at Monte dei Cappuccini where we take some ritual photos. Encouraged by the first journey and becoming familiar with the city e-bikes, we decide to go to Superga and enjoy the view of the Alps, without forgetting the Royal Crypt which houses the Savoy tombs and the tombstone of the Grande Torino.

Then, after a rapid descent, we find ourselves skirting the Po River until we reach Piazza Vittorio and then continue along the Murazzi, where I take the opportunity to tell Luca and Elisa the story of this place, from simple river warehouses to a real reference point for the Turin nightlife.

On the way, we allow ourselves a brief stop in the shade of the trees of the Valentino Park so as to allow Elisa and Luca to upload on their Instagram profile the most interesting stories of what has been seen so far and to ask for some curiosities about the city, its more or less 50 parks and its 320 kilometers of tree-lined avenues. We get back in the saddle and go back to the city, passing through lesser known places like the forest house in Via Chiabrera, a jewel of ecology and sustainable living.

Unfortunately, time is running out and one morning is not enough to admire the other thousands of beauties to discover. For lunchtime we return to the hotel, happy and amused by our tour. Luca and Elisa assure me that they will be back soon to see how much we have failed in those few hours and we will be there waiting for them.


They certainly gained new followers from their blog!

Are you, like Luca and Elisa, curious to explore the beauties of Turin in the comfort of our City E-Bikes? Or do you prefer a more adventurous trip through the hills, perhaps riding a Mountain Bike or, better, a Mountain e-bike?


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